Feeling Burned-out? Here’s the Antidote to Overwhelm.

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How many balls have you got in the air?


Think about it. Are you:

  • Working with current clients?
  • Hustling for new clients?
  • Posting to your blog?
  • Managing your own social media?
  • Running a studio and overseeing everyone who works there?
  • Studying to bring your expertise to the next level?
  • Attempting to grow your business long-term?
  • Teaching classes?
  • Hosting events?
  • Doing your own accounting?
  • Attempting to have a social or family life outside your all-consuming work?

Grow your business with a business coach

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that many of you are doing all these things AND MORE. We LOHAS-lovers tend to be hard-core over-achievers, taking multiple massive bites without recognizing that we’ve torn off more than we could chew. Ever. Even if we magically grew second mouths.

So if you’re drowning in work—scrambling to do it all and losing traction with every passing day—you’re not alone. But you’re also not in a good spot, especially if you want to drive business growth forward. (And I know you do.) In order to prime your enterprise for real, ongoing, profit-generating growth, you’ve got to identify your key tasks, and focus on those tasks through intention-fueled action and accountability.

@@To create real, ongoing, profit-generating growth, identify your key tasks & focus on them through intention-fueled action & accountability@@

As an entrepreneur, your time is both limited and precious. Wasting it on tasks that can be farmed out or eliminated is like hemorrhaging money, energy, and potential.

So just how do you figure out what to keep and what to ditch? Well, I’ll tell ya.

Divide and conquer

Let’s start easy: Make a list of every ball you’ve got in the air right now. Every task you do from creating long-term marketing strategies to sweeping the studio floor. Then divide them into two groups:


  • Those that help maintain the business: The must-do daily or weekly tasks that help keep the business running. Think teaching classes and working with clients, but also paying the bills and replying to emails.
  • Those that help drive business forward: Growth-promoting, catalyzing, and profit-enhancing tasks. Think brainstorming new offerings, working with business coaches, launching premium offers.


Some of these tasks need you. There’s no trusted advisor or second-in-command who can step in, so you must be prepared to give them your attention. But there are other tasks that you currently handle yourself to “save money,” or have never considered delegating. When it comes to that second group, I want you to ...

Hire smart people

No one likes to hear that you’ve got to “spend money to make money,” myself included. (Seriously, who enjoys cliches?) But if you drown yourself in tasks that competent paid staff members could handle, you are quite literally keeping yourself from dreaming up and rolling out new, better, higher earning-potential offerings. Investing in trustworthy, creative full-time, part-time, or freelance staff frees you up to focus on business-building.

@@ Investing in trustworthy, creative full-time, part-time, or freelance staff frees you up to focus on business building@@

If you’re not in a position to hunt down and take on traditional employees, consider digital solutions like:

  • Virtual assistants (VAs), who can program your Twitter feed or edit your blog posts remotely and affordably.
  • Provider marketplaces like Fiverr and Thumbtack, which connect you with designers, programmers, and content marketers through bidding systems.
  • Design aids like 99 Designs, where you find and work with freelance designers on logos, packaging, websites, and more.


So you’ve got the tasks you keep all to yourself, and the ones you farm out to VAs and employees. But undoubtedly, you’ve got a few stragglers that suck time without yielding results. Which means you’ve gotta ...

Eliminate underperformers

Sometimes we outgrow aspects of our business or find that certain responsibilities no longer serve their purpose. If you never get more than three students in your Thursday night yoga class, why are you still offering it? If you’re spending time populating gorgeous Pinterest boards but they don’t drive sales or generate new customer leads, why are you wasting your energy? If do a weekly, unpaid TV spot that never seems to resonate with new clients, why aren’t you finding a better use for that time?


You do NOT have to keep doing things just because you’ve done them in the past. And you do NOT have to do things just because your peers are doing them. Keep your top-performing offerings and cut the dead weight. Focus on social media outlets that you enjoy and that bring you new business, and ditch the rest. You’re the boss. Make some tough calls and reduce your workload by letting go of underperformers.

@@ You’re the boss. Make some tough calls and reduce your workload by letting go of underperformers@@


Dial up the discipline

We’ve gone from easy to tough, I know! Making a list of your work tasks is a cakewalk. Increasing self-mastery is daunting as hell. But you can absolutely do it.


Start with tiny steps like disabling social media notifications and practicing mono-tasking. (Multi-tasking is a total myth, believe me.) Don’t allow yourself to check email first thing in the morning because it becomes a black-hole for your time and energy. Instead, pick up an important, business-focused, non-communication task first thing and dive into it. Be honest with yourself about your most productive hours, and schedule your hardest tasks at those times of day. See? You’ve totally got this. (More productivity tips here!)


As time goes on, you’ll learn the valuable lesson every successful entrepreneur has learned: you can’t do it all. Embrace this lesson with big, open arms. Doing it all is overrated. Focusing your efforts on strategic, key tasks is the only way to fly.

@@ Doing it all is overrated. Focusing your efforts on strategic, key tasks is the only way to fly. #growthcatalyst@@

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