Self Care is a Business Strategy

Self care is one of the topics I’m most passionate about. As a healer or helper, you hold the space for healing and transformation on a daily basis. The energy of holding that space takes a toll. If you aren't filling your own self-care tank, overwhelm begins to take its toll and burnout is sure to follow.

And, as if providing the space for your healing work were not enough, you also have the business-side of things to manage.

It’s a heavy energetic load...especially if you are high on the sensitivity scale.

My best advice?

@@Practice sacred energy management.@@

Sacred energy management is brahmacharya for you and for your business. It is learning to manage your energy at all levels, including the energy of your business.

Sounds simple enough, until you start to seek that balance.

Balancing your time, business activity and finances is a juggling act, especially when paired with your actual healing or helping work. But there are a few simple remembrances that can help to keep you in the flow.

Put yourself first —because without you, there's no business.

This means time for precious self-care is non-negotiable. Committing to your restorative practices shows commitment to your business success. Nourishment and rejuvenation are essential.

Go ahead, eat something nourishing, sweetie.

Or put your feet up. Take a savasana. Your business (and your ever-expanding to-do list) will be there in 10 minutes. And the more you nourish yourself, the better off your business will be.

Practice this Restorative sequence for a treat at the end of your day or to unwind before bed.

Make friends with your finances

In order to "make it" in business, you must focus on earning a profit. More income, fewer expenses is a requirement for your business to earn a profit —and to remain in a positive energy balance. If you're close to overwhelm (or burned out —again), then it's time to heal some energy leaks. If you're in a service-based profession, time is money, so let's start with what hurts: money. If your current financial situation is dire, Invest in business support to up your strategy and income.

Take a look around at the places money energy is “leaking out” and stop the leaks! Then decide how much money you ACTUALLY do need to remain in financial ease (Here's the Financial Ease formula.)

Once you know that, it’s easier to….

Guard your time

Your time is sacred, precious and finite —use it effectively by truly staying focused on the services, offerings, tasks, hobbies and causes that light your heart fire.

Anyone who has time to bingewatch [insert your favorite series] on Netflix has time to build a sustainable business.

Don’t believe me? Ask me about Prison Break (and pregnancy) [spoiler: I’ve watched the full series four times.]

Seriously, though, get strategic about how you are using your time —in business and in life.

Could you sacrifice that weekly group yoga class that is draining your energy (and doesn't pay very well) and use the time you save to develop a higher value service: like an online program or signature workshop series? Absolutely.

Could you give up one night of television every week to spend a couple hours working on that book?  Sure.

The thing is that you do really have the time: it's a matter of shifting the focus to the tasks and goals that will leverage your business success. But if you burn through productive hours or busy-busy weeks without a measure of thoughtfulness, you will continue to end up frustrated, overworked, and overwhelmed.

Building a sustainable business is a supreme act of self-care because it allows you to be mindful and attentive to where you spend your vital energy. It allows you to manage energy at all levels: subtle, financial and physical.

With a few simple shifts in your business and self-care practices you will find a path to prosperity —that allows you to take precious care of YOU.