Kiss Burnout—and Overwhelm —— Goodbye

This month I'm participating in a speaker series called Kiss Burnout Goodbye—a 21 Day Global Virtual Retreat for Service Oriented Professionals.

I went back and forth on whether it would burn me out to expend the time and energy to participate (and promote!) this series. And I finally settled on YES.

Even though there are a thousand to do's on my list and a million ideas in my head, I chose to create time to talk about kissing burnout goodbye.

I did it for you! Because I want you—and all of our kula—to know that you can live out your passions profitably and without feeling overwhelmed. BUT, it does take some effort.

I've often talked and written about the state overwhelm that entrepreneurs—and even more so conscious entrepreneurs—inevitably find themselves in.

It's not just about the tremendous amount of pressure that we put on ourselves. Or the budget constraints that force us to wear all hats. It's also about the laundry that has to get done and the family that has to get fed.

@@ The entrepreneurial spirit is fierce, because it has to be!@@

I am REALLY serious about avoiding burnout and overwhelm. Some people believe that it comes with the territory. But I believe that we can learn from the lessons of conscious entrepreneurs who came before us. (Read: Don't make the mistakes I made, because I'm literally telling you how to avoid them.)

@@Overwhelm IS, in fact, Avoidable.@@

In fact, I've been telling you how to avoid it, all along!

Check out these archives for tips for you to start pulling yourself out of overwhelm and into something more vibrant.

  • Set effective goals so that you know where you're heading and you won't be distracted by those pesky distractions that lead to overwhelm.
  • Own your weaknesses! This allows us to seek help where we know we need it
  • Create Systems. That help that we know we need—because we own our weaknesses—won't need to be micromanaged, if their actions are detailed out for them.

And don't forget to join the Kula—because we have to stick together...for the sake of support and sanity.