Starting —or growing— a business is hard. Let's face it: there are a million things on your To-Do list and overwhelm is a daily reality.

That's why I'm here. I empower startup and growing business owners to do more of what they love —more profitably.

Answer me this....

Do you need more clients, an authentic marketing strategy or a clear plan for more balance and better profits?

I see a VIP day in your future.

Do you also ....

  • Have a million ideas (and To-Do's) and not sure which one(s) to tackle first?
  • Need support on how to take your Big Idea to Income Generator?
  • Need clarity and strategy to attract your perfect-fit-clients on social media (without drowning in options and wasting tons of money on ineffective advertising)?
  • Want to flip the over-working, under-earning script and instead focus on maximum ease AND profits? 

Then I'm the coach for you...and a VIP day is a fast track to laser-sharp clarity in your business.

Understanding which ideas and opportunities will leverage our business and which are shiny distractions are the key to more sustainable profits. 

That’s where I come in. On your own this can seem like the impossible project, but together, you and I can make it happen: in a day.

My brains + your purpose = your profitable business

We could use this day to…

  • Re-frame your business focus for more profitability and ease
  • Map out (or revamp) an authentic and EFFECTIVE marketing strategy for your current business
  • Discover and destroy the obstacles sabotaging your business success: internal or external
  • Map out and name your new premium services
  • Develop (or streamline) your existing marketing funnel to result in a lead generating machine (for more clients and more profits)
  • Plan your next retreat, training, or product launch
  • Outline and name your signature program or teacher training

What to expect:

When you book a VIP Day, you’ll be sent a Welcome letter and the Business Clarity Workbook. You will answer some questions on your business focus, vision and needs. You’ll get that back to me the week before your VIP Day and we’ll hash out any preliminary questions or clarifications via email. Then: it’s action time, baby!

On our VIP Day (usually a Tuesday or Wednesday), you and will I hop on the phone around 9 am EST. We will spend 2-3 hours on the nitty-gritty of taking your budding business from the doldrums of overwhelm to divine profitability and maximum positive impact. During this time, we identify obstacles, identify the most effective next steps and develop a strategy you can easily implement post-session. The call is recorded and I take notes. Many business coaches jump right into their own agenda: I’m a listener.

We break for lunch and to rest your brain. During this time, I’m hard at work putting all the pieces we discussed in place. Finally, we get back on the line for a final call later that day: we review the strategy, highlight specific Action Steps and end with a jam-packed Resources list, custom tailored for you. 

What you get:

4-5 hours of 1×1 strategy with Kellie – 2 calls during your VIP day (usually Tuesday or Wednesday): morning call 3 hours; afternoon call 1-2 hours. All calls are recorded so you remain present and attentive. Recordings are delivered electronically within 24 hours.

Email Support for 1 week before and 1 week following your VIP Day – I WANT to hear from you before and after we meet. I WANT to understand exactly where you want to go —and I WANT to help you get there faster than you imagine you can. That's my super power: taking amorphous dreams and turning them into highly achievable action items that take you from point A to point Z faster than you think is possible. Have questions before or after our session? Urgent visions you absolutely must share? I’m just an email away. You receive 2 weeks of email support in addition to our one-on-one sessions and I answer email 5 days a week. I’ve also been known to send witty and helpful audio memos and video tutorials in lieu of a written response —because I love my clients, I care about their success and sometimes an audio or video missive is the most effective way to amp up your confidence!

Session Wrap Up – A play-by-play wrap it up delivered via email with action steps, go-to resources and all the strategy you’ll need to take action. Think of this as your business’s secret weapon …delivered electronically.

Customized resources specific to your VIP Day focus

*Examples (usually one or two of the below, depending on your business vision):

  • Launch and marketing strategy to fill your upcoming Retreat
  • Niche options / Target market profile
  • Names for your Things (packages, products, services, e-book, your new cat. Ok, maybe not the cat…)
  • Social Media or Online marketing strategy
  • Basic launch emails (up to 3) and social creatives (social updates, Ads verbiage, or bios) 
  • Program design or Curriculum planning for teacher training or a signature program or retreat
  • Annual Plan and marketing strategy for your business
  • Strategy to shift your niche / pivot your focus
  • Online marketing basics and how-to’s

You will choose one of the above or your needs will guide the custom creation of other resources. If you don’t see your problem or needs here, please contact me using the form below to see if I can be of service.

Are you ready for a big dose of VIP strategy?

Fill out the brief application here and I’ll be in touch to schedule a pro-bono session.

Kellie’s support was instrumental in identifying who our target customer is and how to reach them with effective marketing. Our entire approach to marketing changed for the better after working with Kellie. It was so nice to have support from a person who truly understands the himalayan struggles of an entrepreneur. No school or book taught me the wisdom a start up is currently teaching me, and taking Kellie’s VIP Day session was a real paradigm shift, teaching me the importance of strategy and planning with clarity.
— -Dr. Vignesh Devaraj | Ayurvedic physician and Founder, Sitaram Ayurveda and Beach Resort