Business Energy Cleanse

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Business Energy Cleanse.png

Business Energy Cleanse


In 7 simple and soulful lessons, you will get back to business basics and will rediscover your deeper motivation for being in business.

These 7 powerful lessons will prompt you to greater clarity in your next steps - and will guide you back to the truth of your sacred mission (and clarity leads to prosperity!).

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You’re ready for more perfect-fit clients, less money drama, and a marketing strategy that actually feels authentic.

You’re ready for more soulful ease and abundance (and less struggle).

You’re ready to step into your place of power, alignment and openness —in life and business.

I see you over there. Yes, you.

You’re a healer, a helper, a mindful change-agent, a purpose-driven entrepreneur.
Transformation is your business —but your business could use a little transformation.

Burnout is all-too-familiar, overwhelm is a daily reality and you have the sinking feeling that you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship because you value people and purpose over profits.

You know there’s a way to breakthrough to better business, but week after busy week passes and there doesn’t seem to be time to grow your business.

Sound familiar?

Then you’re in good company (and: it doesn’t have to be that way).

Too many gifted female entrepreneurs struggle to move past the blockages to ease and abundance —overwhelm, lack of strategy, pleasing, busy-ness, lack of clarity, and money struggles, to name a few.

Step to the front of your business and inhale deeply if you’re tired of being overwhelmed and overworked in your business. 

Here’s the solution: you + me + the practical magic of a soulful business alignment.

Imagine feeling so confident and clear about your business mission and message that  ….

-you easily discern your next big step: intention-setting is a breeze and you know exactly which actions to prioritize (and which to let go) to take you closer to your goals

-you effortlessly articulate your core business message with authenticity, grace and ease (no sleazy marketing tricks required)

-you magnetically attract perfect-fit clients that you adore (and that you are meant to serve!)

-you finally align the money energy in your business to support the lifestyle you crave (Hello, yoga retreat to Bali, spa days and charitable giving!)