Enlightened Entrepreneur Mentorship

You began your work as a healer, helper or conscious creative professional because you wanted to share the valuable tools that changed your life.

You’re tired of the long hours —and the never-ending list of To-Do’s

You’ve underpriced your products and services and you’ve worked too much for not enough pay

You want to take more vacations, save more and feel more financially secure —but you’ve hit an income ceiling (or you’re having trouble reaching your income goals)

You’re precariously close to (or recently recovering from) burnout —overwhelm is a daily reality and there just never seems to be enough time for YOU

You got into this business to follow your heart…people told you that the money would follow, but it didn’t

You’re ready to crack the abundance and ease code in business.

How do I know?

It happens to most of us. (And by us, I mean the conscious, creative entrepreneurs of the world.)

And because I’ve been there. I’ve also been to that place of overwhelm, burnout and constant financial strain. I’ve run the gamut of conscious entrepreneurship and I’ve done my share of suffering. I DIY’ed everything in my first two business ventures: from business strategy to website design to copywriting to teaching the classes to making the jewelry to bookkeeping. You name it, I did it—because I thought that’s what successful entrepreneurs did.

(You know this story, don’t you? If you’re still reading, you’re probably living or have lived it yourself.)

As a third generation purpose-driven entrepreneur, I brought some major limiting beliefs into my business: including self-sabotaging ideas around overwork, spirituality, money, and service. My early career as a one woman show was exhausting and (eventually) I suffered enough to invest in support. I knew there had to be a better way. I invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into learning the ins and outs of successful, mission-driven businesses. Although a lot of that advice didn’t fit my life —or my vision for my business — I did discover the secret to better business as a creative entrepreneur with a yogi’s heart. Through the daily practice of this discipline (not yoga, but that’s a good guess!), I managed to simultaneously create a thriving yoga education institute, a solid online coaching practice and a private yoga therapy practice. I did all of this as a work-from-home mommy, intentionally designing a business and lifestyle that includes quality family time, travel, freedom to create, and working with Dream Clients I adore.

Do you long for a business that affords you the lifestyle you crave?

Whether it is Freedom to Create, Working from Home (or Anywhere!), being a Professional Yogi Entrepreneur, or becoming a Millionaire Mamapreneur, let’s work together to create (or revamp) the business and lifestyle you are seeking.

The Enlightened Entrepreneur Mentorship is a One-on-One Coaching Program that unites customized support with practical business strategy —to build (or grow) your profitable, mindful business.

Over the next three months, we’ll implement built-for-you strategies for business success: from conscious marketing strategy, to building an effective sales funnel, to packaging and positioning your signature offers, to attracting the perfect-fit clients. The Mentorship is designed completely around you: every conscious entrepreneur has their process and I respect yours! Get started now with a complimentary Breakthrough to Clarity session.


  • living a lifestyle you love, doing the work you adore, and having a happier bank account to boot

  • feeling so clear on who you serve and how you do it differently that anyone else that the infamous Elevator Pitch is a breeze!

  • doing more of the work you love without the overwhelm, over-work and under-earning

  • achieving your financial, lifestyle and business goals -without sacrificing your health, happiness or purpose-driven work

  • actually profiting from your passions so you can do more of what matters: in life and in business


You can achieve financial ease while pursuing your passions and your purpose. (It’ll just take a lot longer alone.)

If you’re ready to feel clear about where you’re going and supported on your purpose-fueled path to profitability, this is the program for you.

Full disclosure: The Mentorship is not for you if you are a dreamer not a doer. It’s not for you if you think you might want to be an entrepreneur “someday” but aren’t willing to create your own opportunities today. I adore my clients and I keep them accountable.

How it works:

We will partner for 90 days to add some vision, focus and strategy to your business. Our first session will be 2-3 hours and during that time, we will set up a Mentorship Map for our work together. After that, we will meet every other week to dive into your Action Items (Action Items are like homework for your business but there is no busy work allowed – pinkie promise!). Between session weeks, we will be communicating by email — I’ll send you comments, inspiration, homework and challenges and you’ll send me questions and reflections.

A little more about our work together: Think of me more like a strategic partner for the next 90 days—rather than someone who’ll just tell you what to do. At the beginning, there will be a lot of listening (me) and defining (you). Ultimately our work together is about you achieving financial ease doing your meaningful, creative work in the world: since each of us have a different metric for financial ease and meaningful work, I’ll spend a lot of time at the beginning ensuring I understand where you want to go. After that, there may be mid-course adjustments, but our work is designed to get you on track toward your business and lifestyle goals for at least the next 1-3 years (depending on your level of readiness).

What you get:

Twelve (12) one-on-one sessions with Kellie (1st session is the Kick-Off session and will be ~2 hours. Remaining sessions are 1 hour). We’ll meet every week for 90 days to keep you on track with your income and service goals. The mentorship is heavy on ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, BABY!! All sessions are recorded so you can remain present: no note-taking required. I am fully committed to my clients’ success which I why I only take on a handful of 1×1 clients at a time.

Unlimited email coaching and VIP support during our work together. I answer email Monday-Friday. You will also get my private number for emergencies so you can text me anytime.

Lifetime access to our private Third Jewel Society – reserved only for Mentorship, VIP and Mastermind clients, the Third Jewel Society community is a vibrant and thriving community of other Conscious women entrepreneurs in the healing and helping arts. Looking for a Mastermind group? A business support friend to buddy up with? You’ll find your tribe here. The best part is that even after our work together is done, you can get me anytime! I’m there every day answering questions, sharing resources and offering a helping hand.

VIP Resources: Over the years, I’ve collected and created a lion’s share of resources on running a conscious business: online and offline. I’ve created 2 signature programs to support conscious entrepreneurs in 1) designing a profitable business and 2) leveraging their time and talents by creating high value programs and services. When you work with me, you get it all! The resources alone are a gift of over $11,000 in business support and will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Need to know the best platform for hosting webinars? Gotcha covered. Need to brush up your back end and looking for an integrated software for that? We’ve got options – and recommendations, too. Not sure how to set up your email list? We have guides and recommendations. On an as-needed basis, I’ll also hook you up with the absolute best people to work with in the conscious, creative world: from tech support to lawyers to web designers to brand strategists to virtual assistants.

Why Work with Me:

I’m a “Why?” person, too

*Thank you for asking Why! I do a cost-benefit analysis of my morning coffee, so I already know we’ll get along famously. But seriously….Here’s why:

I’m a conscious creative entrepreneur with a yogi heart -and many passions.

I understand that a conscious, creative business is a precious gem: each one is unique. There are no “cookie-cutter” formulas to conscious business success and I understand that. As much as you (or I) may crave a one-stop business design formula that fits every coach, yogi, jewelry artist, designer or writer: that just isn’t the case. When you’re a Multi-passionate, clarity is even harder to come by! (Multi-passionates are And people – you know, like: a Coach and a Yogi, a Writer and a Designer, a Therapist and an Intuitive)

The thing about clarity is that it’s magnetic. Clarity is sexy. Clarity says YES or NO. Most importantly, clarity precedes prosperity. If you’re having trouble finding (or keeping) customers or continue attracting Not-So-Dreamy Clients: let’s talk.

I get online business.

I built my online business from zero to six-figures in under three years. I DIY’ed everything – from my first yoga videos to my first website. Thankfully, I’m a quick learner because that learning curve is steep! But four years after making the decision to begin an online business, I’m thriving, profitable and sustainable. That’s my wish for you, too: online or offline.

I get service-based, creative business, too.

Before I made the transition to an online and location-independent business, I founded and directed a therapeutic yoga studio and eco-boutique in Central Florida. Before that, I taught therapeutic yoga everywhere from the Florida Department of Health to independent colleges and local schools. After four years of massive growth in my yoga business, I moved away from the brick-and-mortar business model because it didn’t fit my life as a new mommy. I pivoted my business to online coaching, virtual trainings and a thriving yoga therapeutics institute and have led Retreats, Trainings and Workshops nationwide (and online) ever since.

I’m a work-from-home mommy who’s built a thriving business (mostly) from home

I do travel to share therapeutic yoga instruction, but mostly, I’m home with my family. When I transitioned from a brick-and-mortar business to a location-independent business, I made a commitment to be more available to my little one. If you want more balance between work and home life, I hear you and I get it. Let’s talk about how to make it work for you!

I’m a creative.

Like you, I have many passions, a million ideas (before lunch) and several creative outlets. From moonlighting as a poetess and writer to my side-job as a custom jewelry artist to selling courses and crafting curriculum, most of my work is creative work. Creative types do best when they channel their creativity into leveraged streams of income and services. I’d love to teach you how to crack that creativity and profitably code.

Ready for more money and more meaning in your business?

Fill out this form and my team will set you up with a complimentary session to ensure we are a good fit.