Women Entrepreneurs, NOW is the Time For Change

I launched my business as holistic business mentor to make waves. I wanted to empower my clients to empower their clients to live happier, healthier lives using the principles of conscious lifestyle. And I’ve dedicated the last 10 years of my life to that mission. I believe in change. I believe in the power of a tribe, a dedicated and motivated group of people on a shared mission to transform the world in actionable, concrete, lasting ways.

After the election results last week, I believe more ardently than ever that the time for change is NOW.  

@@After the election results last week, I believe more ardently than ever that the time for change id NOW. @@

Last week brought a dizzying whirl of ups and down —heartbreak at the abuse (verbal, physical, social, emotional) we have all witnessed on the cusp of the results, sorrow for the children who are now being bullied, compassion for the families living in fear of deportation, outrage at the violent acts of hate.

Regardless of your political affiliation, if you're an American I hope you'll agree that our country needs more voices. More voices speaking up for tolerance and speaking out against tyranny, more voices banding together, more voices supporting one another.  But also more voices sharing the messages of conscious lifestyle, connection, healing, and harmony. Messages of renewal and self-care, consciousness and wide-open worldviews that are so essential during times of great upheaval.

And that's where you come in.

Whatever your specific modality, your work is transformation. As a healer, a helper, a coach, a guide, a mentor, a teacher, or a leader, you work for change and you believe change begins with you.

@@ Healers, helpers, coaches, guides, mentors, and teachers, you work for change and change begins with you. @@

I believe that, too.

And for too long, I've kept silent about some of the real challenges facing women entrepreneurs who want to earn a meaningful living doing the purpose-fueled work of transformation. In no particular order, I’ve seen brilliant, gifted, driven women entrepreneurs grapple with:

  • Fear of worthiness, prominence, and power

  • Lack of trust in their abilities (and its cousin, Imposter Complex)

  • Difficulty setting boundaries and saying, “No”

  • The energetic toll of work that supports clients with deep-seated emotional needs

  • Fear of visibility, and of the intolerance that often comes with being a visible woman

  • Uneasiness with marketing

  • Distaste for self-promotion

  • Limiting beliefs around money

  • Choosing comfort over the discomfort of bold, intentional action

  • Putting others’ needs and desires first, letting business take the back-burner

I've worked with clients deeply in debt or on the verge of bankruptcy who were still under-charging, convinced they couldn’t ask clients for more money for their transformative services. I've witnessed despair and exhaustion in women entrepreneurs 10+ years into building their businesses, burned out and with no tangible assets to show for their hard work. I've listened to stories of women walking away from their heart-driven work because their ethics and their bank accounts felt misaligned. I've heard from hundreds of women entrepreneurs working in the transformative arts, eager to build sustainable incomes doing what they love … but failing to first learn the basics of business.

And I’m over it.

I want you to get a little mad. I want you to use the energy of that anger to reshape the reality of being a female entrepreneur in the business of personal transformation. I want you to get revved up and prime yourself to make some tough changes.

@@ I want you get a little mad. Use the energy of that anger to reshape the reality of being a female entrepreneur. @@

Because the world needs your work now more than ever. This is your moment. Our moment. And we need to embrace it with both arms.

Every single one of you who feels like you’re stuck in a tape-loop of repetitive suffering in your business, it’s time to break free.

Every single one of you who’s ready to effect real change in the world—and who feels driven to do that by sharing your purposeful work—it’s time to step up.

Every single one of you who’s ready to break through to better business—ethics intact—it’s time to push forward.

There’s no time like the present. Let’s do this.


Supporting each other every step of the way.

@@ Let's do this. Together. Supporting each other every step of the way. @@

If reading this lit your inner flame, but you're not sure what to do next, I'm here to help stoke that intention into a fire of action. Apply here for a complimentary Breakthrough to Clarity coaching call and I'll listen, process, and advise. I promise to find ways to unlock phenomenal personal success while simultaneously continuing the work you do to heal our world