Money a taboo topic?

Have you been programmed to have  a negative mindset towards money? Maybe you grew up in a home where money was a touchy subject and there never was enough. Maybe you have or still are  struggling with money in your own personal life, and these experiences are now reflecting on your business.

Fear grows in the dark - avoiding tough conversations about money  (or anything really), escalates fear around the topic and results in more stifled feelings and —you guessed it —even more fear. It becomes a much harder, bigger, more scary conversation when it stays in the dark. Shining light on the topic is THE best way to relieve fear so today, right now, let’s shed some light on the conversation - and gently begin to talk about money.

@@ "Let’s start the conversation on money #womeninbusiness @@

I am here to tell you, it is okay to talk about money. It is okay to focus on your finances and it is okay to want to be financially abundant. Beginning the conversation is the hardest part. By starting, we can re-write the scripts that have been playing in your mind and start to take control of your money situation.

What is money on a spiritual level?

Money is a form of energy. Balancing this  energy opens up  paths to receive it in return. If you are holding  this energy (money) tight from a fear of losing it or not having enough, energy blocks form. These blocks then impede the inflow of money.

@@ Money is a form of energy. Clear the energy to open up paths to receive it in return #womeninbusiness @@

Often, money is associated  with success so instead of focusing on the word money, shift your focus to what  success actually means for you. Once you define “success” for you ,the positive steps to take bring you there become clear.

Where your focus goes energy flows. So here are a few questions to start focusing on “success” on your own terms (financial or otherwise!) :

  • What are your financial goals for your business?

  • What are your service goals for your business?

  • Do you set weekly / monthly / quarterly “success lists”?

  • How was your week in business?

  • Did you have productive / successful week? If so, why was it productive?

  • Was it internal energy or external energy that impacted on your goals?

Actively participate in this inner conversation. When you focus on ways to define success, and to grow your income from that place, you are on the right path.

You also need to remember that people value money very differently, but that doesn’t mean that one person’s value is better than your value. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to money and your goals.

@@  Where your focus goes, energy flows  #womeninbusiness @@

By starting the conversation and supporting your friends, peers and family you are helping to empower them.  Focus on lifting each other up, this will help you on your own money path.Start the conversation now, join us in the Kula and let’s get the conversation rolling.