Make Money Like Magic In your Conscious Business

Positive cash flow in your business is a signifier that you are in alignment —and when you are in alignment, you make money like magic. 

Why? Because if your business is solving the right problems, for the right people, and you are doing so in alignment with your soul’s purpose and sacred gifts  —then you will thrive at all levels (including the financial level).

And that thriving will feel effortless —like it's magic.

Of course it takes more than a burning desire to help people in a purpose-fueled business.

It takes well-crafted offers, authentic marketing and a profit-centric business model that takes into account your lifestyle desires, your values and your financial well-being. 

Let's hover for a moment on the financial well-being part. In business, financial wellness is the result of a profit-centric revenue model. In conscious business, financial wellness also encompasses the values and desired lifestyle that encouraged you into business in the first place.

Money is a necessity in conscious businesses —but we conscious entrepreneurs don't do the work for the money.

Agreed? Good.

Because if you’re like most conscious entrepreneurs (very purpose-driven souls), it's this aspect of loving what you do —but not loving the money — that leads to misalignment at the financial level.

Maybe this expresses in your business a chronic sense of overwhelm —you're doing okay financially, but you never have enough time for you, for your family, for your self-care, for hobbies or for ease. 

Maybe this expresses in your business as consistent under-earning —you're charging less than you need to be for your services or products and are living in lack, or debt, or are constantly scrambling to keep up with bills. 

Maybe this expresses in your business as inconsistent income or clients —you're on a roller coaster of ups and downs in business where, at times, income and clients are sufficient and other times, not.

Which is why, dearest, you probably have some money wounds that need healing in order to keep your business thriving.

Keeping the money energy flowing in the right way is part of your responsibility as the leader of your business. And that requires deep exploration into the patterns, beliefs and behaviors you as an entrepreneur (with a purpose-driven soul) have around money. The good news?

Once you are aware of the patterns, beliefs and behaviors, you are able to change them. In my coaching practice, I encourage my clients to begin at the beginning: developing laser-sharp clarity on their own financial wellbeing amount, what I call Financial Ease.™

Once you arrive at the amount your business must earn in order to adequately meet your own lifestyle needs and desires, your relationship with money becomes much clearer and you are able to confidently move forward with the actions necessary to meet your financial metrics. 

One of my yoga teachers used to share an anecdote in his classes: in order to love something, you must touch it. 

In business, the same is true —and how we "touch" something is by giving it our attention. Giving your attention to the pursuit of financial wellness in business is a worthy cause that results in your ability to help more people. (Because your business exists to help people, right? All good businesses do.)

The natural next step in this process is to ask: how do I earn that? Meeting your income goals and remaining in Financial Ease™ is as easy (and as challenging) as setting a clear financial target, doing some mindful reverse-engineering, and committing to the actions necessary to reach those goals.

The practical magic of turning your financial goals into actual, tangible income involves more than desire —it takes action, baby —but once you are clear on how to leverage your skills, reaching your financial goals is easier than you think.

Ready for the practical magic? 

1. Identify your Financial Ease™ amount

2. Leverage your skills with a best-fit package, product or course that meets a specific need for a specific person (your perfect fit client)

3. Price your package, product or course to align your service goals and financial goals

Although there is a little bit of math involved, it isn't too much and I promise you’ll enjoy it! Let's look at a tangible example, then complete your own version using the guidelines below:


Monthly income target: $5000

High value package rate: $1000

Needs: 5 clients / month at $1000 rate

SAMPLE Actions to Take:* 

a) Personally invite 10 clients per month into the high value package, product or program (50% conversion rate = 5 new clients at the $1000 level)

b) Run an advertising campaign to reach 500 new leads (at a 1% conversion rate = 5 new clients at the $1000 level)

c) Develop a workshop, webinar or live talk that shares a bit about your high value product, or program and share it 1x / month for 25 people, then follow up with everyone in attendance and invite into larger package (25% conversion rate = 5 new clients at the $1000 level)

*Want some support on these actions and how to effectively use these strategies to support your business? That's exactly what I do, darling.

Apply now for a complimentary 15 minute session —it it's a good fit, I promise to let you know exactly how I can support your business' wellbeing at all levels.

Now it's your turn!

Monthly income target: $XXXX

High value package: $XXX

Needs: # of clients

Actions to take = Actions to take that will result in # of clients needed 

Now that you have a clear target, you are better equipped to establish clear weekly and monthly goals for your business efforts to ensure you remain in alignment at all levels.

But what if —like many of my clients —you don't have a high value package yet?

One of the easiest ways to increase your income is to fold the BEST of what you offer into a package or series of services that your dream client needs (and will value). If you are currently focused on selling one-to-one services, consider the clients that keep coming back.

:: What do they enjoy about working with you?

:: What benefits are they gaining from your work together?

:: What else do they need (or want) that you can provide?

Once you answer the above questions, explore folding together everything you offer into one high value package (or service, or program) that a small percentage of your dream clients will say YES to.

If you easily get hung up on the "it's too expensive, no one will purchase it" limiting belief, remember the Pareto principle applies here: 20% of your efforts will provide 80% of your outcomes.

That applies to clientele, too: you only need 20% of your current clientele to say YES in order to make the package / service / product a valuable revenue stream. 

Bring some of this practical money magic into your business for more ease and alignment and download the Path to Prosperity guide now.

Because let's face it: your business needs to earn money. If your business is not earning money, it becomes a costly, time-intensive hobby and a serious energy drain. 

Instead: let's turn your business into a magical and meaningful money-making enterprise.


To your success,


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