How To Work Less + Earn More (Steal these Strategies)


Before you become an entrepreneur, there is often a moment in time when what you want bumps up against your current state. For example, let’s say you crave freedom and flexibility but you’re stuck working a 9-to-5 job. Your desire for what you want will naturally bump up against your current limitations, thus providing you with contrast.

This contrast can be used as a compass to point you in the right direction… provided that you are ready to be guided.

For many entrepreneurs, it was this compass that led them to the land of self-employment. Sometimes we get here with a fantastic guide to lead the way (ie: a mentor or coach) and other times we’re on our own - navigating unfamiliar terrain and hoping that we find our way.

No matter how you reach your destination, sometimes it still doesn’t look exactly how we envisioned it. Maybe you craved freedom and flexibility, but instead arrive at the heart of entrepreneurship and realize you’re working more than you did before you started. This newly found contrast can be a bit unsettling as the journey was meant to lead you to your preferred end state.

I've bumped against these contrasts more times than I can count in my 10+ year journey of entrepreneurship. By far, the most effective changes I've made in that decade of self-employment came after I committed to the following things:

  1. STOP being everything to everyone: self-explanatory, but I'll explain anyway. I used to offer a variety of services —with a variety of niches within my niche. It kept me in a chronic state of overwhelm and, if I'm honest, kept me from actualizing my earning potential for far too long. I saw the most growth (like, 10x —exponential— growth) when I niched down and REMOVED services from my business.
  2. STOP being the bottleneck in my business: I was a solopreneur for a long time. I did it all and that meant that I was frequently the bottleneck in my business. It wasn't until I automated, systematized and outsourced that I could grow the way I needed to grow to align my business and values.
  3. EXPAND my influence and increase my income without working more, so that I could be earning even while doing what my heart desires most. That meant I filtered every goal through this lens: Will it take me away from spending time with my daughter and quality time with my family? If so, will it supply me a maximum return on my investment? This lens allowed me to say "heck, yeah!" to some opportunities and endeavors (being interviewed on podcasts, writing a book) and "thanks, but no, thanks" to others (traveling for speaking engagements).

Committing to things in thought and paper is simply one piece. The next step, the much more difficult one, is action.

My first step was to take out my sparkly sword of discernment and chop away at the offers and services that no longer fit my business vision —or business values.

Then, I outsourced the things in my business that didn't light my fire —or skipped them entirely (this is why I'm no longer sharing updates on every social media platform and instead focus on only two platforms: here and here).

I got better at dealing with my fear of self-promotion and started showing up in a bigger way. The results have been astounding.

My “no more playing small” approach to business is working — as of today I'm earning 3x more and working half as much!

The best part? I only made a few simple tweaks — and since I'm a "Learn it to share it" kinda gal, I'm over-the-moon excited to share exactly what I did and teach you how to do it too!

The Simple Strategies I Used to Get Massive Results (With Less Overwhelm) —and How To Apply Them in Your Business

Cut out the offers that were draining resources. In my case, that was also a significant source of revenue so I had to get creative. Yoga Teacher training was a significant income source but the time spent to manage the school meant it used up a lot of resources. When I took a (non-emotional) look at the numbers, the answer was clear: retire myself from (most) live trainings and focus on the Virtual Studio and supporting budding Yoga Teacher Trainers through the Wisdom Method Licensing program.

> Your turn: What signature offers or services are bringing in the LEAST amount of revenue for the resources invested (time, energy, money)?

Stepped fully into my zone of genius empowering holistic entrepreneurs to do more of what they love, more profitably. When I took a step back and evaluated my business strengths, the answer was clear: I love mentorship. Although mentorship is a part of the Yoga Teacher Training, I really enjoyed mentoring other holistic entrepreneurs in their businesses. I often had to limit my business mentoring in order to keep up with the several simultaneous trainings I ran through the Wisdom Method School of Yoga —as I also provide mentorship to the program attendees. When I embraced mentorship specifically as my particular zone of genius, retiring myself from live trainings didn't feel as scary —it was simply the better business decision.

Stepping away from teaching live trainings also allowed me to eliminate the offers in my business that didn’t speak specifically to my niche: although I do work with yoga teachers, I also mentor coaches, acupuncture physicians, bodyworkers, intuitives and helpers of all kinds. The yoga-specific offers moved to the backburner (and offered only to those who need them) so my niche got simultaneously broader and more clear.

> Your turn: What is your particular zone of genius in your business? How can you align that (more) fully with your primary revenue stream?

Got specific and focused in all marketing and promotion. Once I stepped into my zone serving holistic entrepreneurs, I became much more confident and creative in marketing and promotion tasks. Before, I used to dread writing blog posts, newsletters and social media updates. Now that I’ve focused in on empowering holistic entrepreneurs to earn more, work less and increase their influence, I have so much to say that showing up and sharing inspiring, relevant, actionable content is actually fun! Even better, my fear (a.k.a. “internal ick-factor”) of self-promotion is nearly gone. Telling (the right) people how I can help solve their problems (namely: not earning enough, not enough clients, hitting an income ceiling, low visibility, overwhelmed) feels like a service —not sales.

> Your turn: What are the top 3-5 problems you solve for your clients or customers? Now focus all your content marketing efforts on answering the questions they have about those problems, educating them about how you can help them solve those problems, and sharing your particular solution(s) to those problems.

So, now what?

Now it’s your turn! Spend some time answering the questions above and apply the insights gained to your business.

Leave me a comment below and tell me how it all goes for you, too!

* * *

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