How to Get More Perfect-fit Clients (AND Fill Your Current Offers!)

Is selling services is your primary revenue stream? If so, you are no stranger to the hunt for perfect-fit clients. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to hunker down and ride it out! Heck no. You can use this time to get strategic about attracting more of your perfect-fit clients, even in the midst of the holiday hubbub. It all starts with creating a plan. (Or two.)

@@ Healers & helpers: Get strategic about client attraction. @@

Up-sell self-care

Consider wrapping up your suite of services into a special, once-a-year, limited-time offer that addresses your Ideal Client’s primary needs during the final two months of the year. People can become very focused on giving, which is definitely not a bad thing! But it also means that many clients run themselves ragged, and could use some deep self-care. If you offer complimentary services—such as energy work and massage therapy, acupuncture and reiki, yoga therapy and life coaching—the holiday season is the ideal time to introduce your clients to the totality of your work.

Example for a yoga therapist + business coach :: Holiday Happiness Package :: 8 Yoga therapy sessions and 2 coaching sessions to be used over the next 2 months

Although it’s the perfect time to create an alluring service package, now is absolutely NOT the time to discount your offerings. Let me repeat that: DO NOT offer discounts around the holidays. This will condition new clients (and old ones) to expect a discount during this time period every year, and devalue your services. Instead, identify what you can ADD to your special offer to make it irresistible to and value-packed for your Ideal Client.

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Partner up

Business is better with friends, and that’s doubly true during the frantic rush of the winter holidays. So consider identifying a sister service-provider or a complimentary business that also serves your Ideal Client, and work together. Structure a win-win offer that expands each of your businesses while serving more of your perfect-fit clients.

Example for a health coach :: Reset + Resolutions JumpStart Package :: 6 coaching sessions (with health coach), 3 acupuncture sessions (with acupuncture partner) + personalized action-plan for nailing those New Year’s resolutions

Be very clear as you set up the terms of this collaboration! Set a timeframe and specific parameters, then agree to pow-wow with your partner after the offer has expired. That way you can discuss what worked, what didn’t, and what to do differently next time.

Change it up

Since your typical methods of reaching new customers may get lost in the holiday shuffle, now is a great time to introduce yourself to perfect-fit clients in a different way. If you typically work one-on-one with people, consider offering a group session or workshop to get more eyes on your business—and your transformative work.

Example for a bodyworker :: Workshop on Self-Massage for Stress Management :: identify key elements of stress, physical manifestations of stress, and how self-massage supports healthy stress management skills.

As with the partnership idea, make sure to check in with yourself once this experiment has wrapped up. Was it more fun than you imagined, and something you want to incorporate ongoing? If it was a total drag, what would you do differently next time?

Nurture, nurture, and nurture

One of the biggest challenges to securing additional clients during a busy holiday season is the overwhelm that accompanies this time of year. Your clients (and you!) will be bombarded with messages, emails, reminders, and specials all season long. It’s a lot to process, on top of everyday stresses and responsibilities. One of the best things you can do is continue showing up! Identify how you best serve your Ideal Client, and create an email or social media campaign full of free, useful, supportive tools. Generously share it with your mailing list and fans to show you’re still here, and still catering to their best interests.

By doing this, you keep yourself top-of-mind. Even if a potential client doesn’t choose to work with you during the holiday whirlwind, they’ll be seeing your work and connecting with you. That constant connection increases the likelihood that they’ll decide to become a client in the near future.

@@The holidays are overwhelming, but you've gotta keep showing up! Keep yourselves top-of-mind with potential clients. @@

Example for any conscious entrepreneur :: X# Day Challenge to [insert biggest problem they have that you can solve] to be delivered over email with accompanying social media participation or presence

Incentive-ize and motivate

Building on the previous suggestion, by remaining top of mind for your potential clients, you are in a perfect position to incentivize and motivate them to take action. Again, avoid discounts, but consider offering a holiday season-only freebie to encourage new sign-ups or continued participation.

Example for a yoga studio :: Holistic Holiday Health Classes :: In addition to regular offerings, put together an evening or weekend class on Ayurvedic eating or stress relief techniques offered free, but only to new clients or clients who attend a set number of classes between Halloween and New Year’s.

It can be so tempting to just suck it up and live off your savings until January (and the New Year’s Resolution crowd) hits. But instead, you can push your edge and grow your business right through a stretch of months that’s typically lean. Try just one or two of these techniques, and you’re sure to have a more abundant holiday season ahead of you!