Conquer Your Business Goals in 4 Simple Steps


Even non-writers are familiar with the concept of writer’s block; That agonizing, empty-headed feeling of staring at a blank page and believing you’ll never again have a single worthwhile thought to share. Well, I firmly believe in entrepreneur’s block; That dizzying, overwhelming feeling of staring at a meticulously crafted business plan and believing you’ll never, ever in a bajillion years be able to accomplish the tasks outlined therein.

I’ve been there, friends. Oh, have I ever!

But I’ve also discovered ways to break through the block and make mind-blowing headway on business objectives both massive and tiny. And today I’m here to tell you that crushing your business goals is actually quite simple. Not easy, mind you, but simple. And all you need to bring those ambitions to fruition is that meticulously crafted business plan, passion, and patience.

@@I’m here to tell you that crushing your business goals is actually quite simple. Not EASY, but simple. @kellieadkins@@

Diligently practice the following four techniques, and I promise you’ll be able to conquer goals you once thought were 100% pie-in-the-sky! Let’s dig into the details.


It can be hard to channel your energy into long-term goals when you’re constantly scrambling to keep up with the day-to-day. But remember that what you focus on expands: When you carve out the time and energy to work toward those long-term goals, you create space for them to grow and progress and thrive. When you don’t, they stagnate. And so do you.

So choose a point of focus for your business — 1 month, 3 months, 9 months, whatever feels like a reasonable time-frame for your specific goal — and prioritize accomplishment. Make space for expansion, and expansion will happen. Right before your eyes.

Dedicate Yourself to Intention-fueled Action

As we discussed last week, moving beyond planning and into action can be tough … but making that transition is so vital, especially for women entrepreneurs. Once you’ve created space, time, and focus around your goals, nudge yourself toward thoughtful, intentional action. Don’t wallow in the planning phase forever, as safe and comfortable as it may feel. Commit to forging ahead, find ways to make steady progress, and be mindful but agile. If you get sucked into the doubts, the fears, the procrastination, and the overwhelm, make sure to seek and get support. But also remember that action needn’t be huge, sweeping changes every week. Action can mean ...

Take Tiny Steps Forward Every Day

“Slow and steady wins the race” has got to be the least sexy business cliche in the universe. But it’s so frustratingly, fundamentally true. Anyone who looks like an “overnight success” from the outside has undoubtedly put in a decade of blood, sweat, and tears backstage, out of sight, while the world was distracted by other shiny things. And you, dear heart, will likely need to build your success slowly, steadily, and through a considered set of tiny action steps.

So figure out which tiny action steps can be enacted on the regular, and make them a part of your schedule. I mean it. Put small actions that move you toward huge goals on your calendar. Make them a priority, and do them every day.

@@ Put small actions that move you toward huge goals on your calendar. Make them a priority, and do them every day. #growthcatalyst@@

Stay the Course

Distraction kills goals, especially big, bold, far-reaching ones. And again, I totally get that putting out tiny, daily fires keeps your business from burning to a crisp. But when you eliminate distractions and stamp out overwhelm, you prime yourself for success. Doing so can mean delegation, prioritization of tasks, creating a goal-driven daily schedule, or limiting your social media time. (You can watch tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos after the day’s work tasks are complete. And you should. Because they’re hilarious.) Find personalized, effective, sustainable ways to stay the course.

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