5 Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing


Do you want to become a leader in your industry?

Are you ready for a steady stream of perfect-fit clients to knock down your (proverbial) door?

Awesome! You are in the right place.

Becoming a known expert is easier than ever with the power of information —and you have valuable wisdom and insight to share!

The key to content marketing success is creating interesting content that your audience is going to find valuable, useful and shareable!

In our last post on the subject of content marketing, How to Create Engaging Content that Attracts Your Dream Clients, I talked to you briefly about something called VIRAS. VIRAS is an acronym that, when followed throughout the content creation process, improves our content and attracts more of the best-fit clients.

VIRAS stands for = valuable, inspiring, relevant, actionable and specific.

Let’s take a look at each of the five pieces of VIRAS —together they form a five-step process you can apply to improve your own content marketing.

1) V is for Valuable

When considering content to share, ask yourself —who values this information? Even better: ask, Is it my perfect-fit client? If the answer is no-one, then forget about using it to attract more clients.

Here’s a quick example: Although I’m a certified yoga therapist with over 10,000 teaching hours (and a 17 year practice) I don’t share content related to yoga anatomy, therapeutic yoga or the Wisdom Method on this blog. Why? Because it’s not valuable to my perfect-fit client.

2) I is for Inspiring

Keep your content inspiring and positive. Although you definitely want to employ effective psychological triggers (like loss-gain, opportunity cost and urgency), remain as positive as possible in your messaging.Walking the line between motivating and empowering is a skill in sharing content that your Dream Clients will adore. Remain as positive in your language as possible —including reframing negative calls to action in positive terms.

For example: Although I could have written the first sentence of above paragraph as follows: "Don't use a negative tone in your content." Do you notice how that sentence elicits a different feeling? A simple reframe using positive language has a lighter tone and an empowering after-effect.

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3) R is for Relevant

Is the content you are sharing relevant to your perfect-fit client? Only share content that is of direct relevance to your potential client or customer. If you can connect an experience, story, or insight to a current lesson that interests your Dream Client, then by all means, go ahead.

For example, is it important for you to know that I cleaned houses for 5 years during high school and college? Only if I can connect it to a specific lessons learned: doing whatever it takes to reach your goals, time management, early entrepreneurial skills and developing high value services that advance your income and opportunities.

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4) A is for Actionable

Your content needs to have a point. Asking yourself a simple question — “What’s the point?” — is a great place to begin to ensure your content is actionable to your client. There needs to be a clear next step for the reader / viewer. For example, the Content Topic + Title Planner is a great action-oriented next step for my own perfect-fit client. It provides the client with an immediate way to apply the insights from this article... and you can download it right here.

What do you want to the reader / viewer / listener to do after they read / watch / listen? What action-oriented tips will you leave them with? Is there a next step —either in another piece of Free content (perhaps behind an opt-in gate or application) or in a paid product or service?

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5) S is for Specific

Last but not least, ensure the content you are sharing is specific to a particular person, client or customer. Your mom may read your blog, but chances are you are not trying to attract your mom into your business.

Consider what the client needs that you, or your amazing offers, can provide. In fact, be sure that each piece of content you share has a specific gain for your client. Better still, noodle over the top 5 problems you solve for your Dream Client and create content that provides those solutions!

It helps to envision your specific Dream Client when creating content. Imagine them receiving the content in great detail: how will they feel before reading / watching / listening? How will they feel after? Who will they share it with? The more specific you become with your content, the more it will resonate with your Dream Clients.

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Pass each of the content pieces you create through this VIRAS litmus test and you’ll see more engagement and interaction on the content you create. This interaction will lead to you gaining more followers / fans who will want even more of what it is you are sharing. Keeping people waiting on the edge of their seat for the next thing you create is a total business sweet spot.

Screenshot 2016-03-02 10.40.47
Screenshot 2016-03-02 10.40.47

Helpful Tool: Content Topic + Title Planner

This free, downloadable PDF will help you to lay out your content ideas and sort them into helpful topics and categories as well as line-up the best call-to-action for each and the overall purpose for each piece of content you create.

There is a specific area that focuses on VIRAS and helps you to keep it top of mind when planning each of your content pieces.

Click here to download your free content topic + title planner now.

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