My Journey to Becoming a Business Coach

My business journey includes twist and turns —from nutrition researcher to wellness coach to yoga therapist to yoga studio owner to yoga teacher trainer. Each successive evolution carried the connecting thread of empowering people to live happier, healthier lives using the principles of a conscious lifestyle. Through my business design courses and mentorship, I teach holistic entrepreneurs how to design and expand a purpose-fueled business, that allows them the freedom to do more of what they love, more profitably. I do my best work with female entrepreneurs in the conscious, healing and helping arts who are ready to expand their income and their influence —without sacrificing their integrity or their lifestyle.

Wellness Coach

I support holistic entrepreneurs in growing + expanding a business that reflects their brilliance and does great work in the world. I believe in a person-centered approach to business design and expansion: in my business advisor practice and programs, the emphasis is on working with the individual to design (or expand) a sustainable values-centric business grounded in your strengths, skills and powerful work in the world.

The world needs your unique magic—and you need a sustainable business that supports you at all levels: from the physical to the financial. 

If you’re a holistic entrepreneur ready to build your own enlightened empire, we’ll get along famously.


Yoga Therapist

As a female entrepreneur with a yogi-heart, my early years in business read like an all-too-familiar (and all too common) entrepreneurial narrative. I struggled with the challenges common to many women entrepreneurs: finding optimum balance between work and life, passion and profit. I spent far too long with my head down, pushing my way through week after busy week, frustrated by my lack of growth.

Now, I’m committed to empowering holistic women entrepreneurs to grow a business that allows them to do more of what they love —and enjoy the lifestyle they crave.

If you want more clarity, greater confidence and solid strategy to grow your conscious business, let’s connect. Fill out the form below or send me an email:

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Co-author of Women Who Ignite - a collection of enlightening stories to reconnect, uplift and inspire your soul's journey!

“When you choose trust and commit to what is truly important for your own meaningful life and business, the lessons arrive, the path reveals itself, and the prosperity does follow.”
— -- Kellie - Women Who Ignite
Kellie is a gem – her wisdom, skill and compassion are unprecedented and her ability to educate others and deliver complex information is always clear and filled with insight. As a coach, she always listens intently and speaks to your needs – prompting deep inner work that will ultimately deliver results. If you are looking for an inclusive conscious business coaching program, I highly recommend working with Kellie — your expectations will be met – and always exceeded.
— Katherine Borse, L.Ac. MSOM, E-RYT | Acupuncture Physician and Yoga Teacher

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For the Press:

Kellie Adkins is a holistic business mentor for conscious female entrepreneurs who want to grow their income and influence so they can do more of what they love, more profitably. Kellie believes in a values-centric approach to business design and expansion and loves to work with the individual to design (or expand) a sustainable business that supports a conscious lifestyle and makes a worldwide impact. Kellie is also the director of an integrative yoga and wellness institute and leads wellness and mindfulness retreats nationwide. Connect with Kellie at kellie (at) kellieadkins (dot com)